fun family run

Rahul’s work had a team in the Colon Cancer 5K run that was today. Team Butts and Guts…love it! The whole family decided to run. It was SUPER cold, but we braved the temps and had a lot of fun.

Rahul was super speedy, finishing in 23 mins. That time would have been a win for his age group one month ago….the 40-49 age group is hard core for both women and men. Winning times in the low 20mins.

Samantha and I ran together, which we have not done in a long time. She did ask to walk some of the hills, but she had a great pace overall. When we got close to the finish line she said she needed to slow down. Thinking we were going to finish as a team, I slowed down. That stinker sped up trying to beat me! I love her but could not let her beat me that way. I ran as fast as I could and finished ONE SECOND before her. But don’t feel too sorry for her. She placed second in her age group that included kids up to age 14.

Aidan ran solo and finished right after Samantha and I did. He does not like to run but he is obviously in good cardiovascular shape to just up and run a 5K with no training.

Of course we visited the giant, inflatable colon. Got a token family pic as well! Fun times for sure. Check out some of our pics.


IMG_7932 IMG_7936 IMG_7942

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  1. Love that you all ran together and what a cute medal for Samantha!! Congrats!

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