how we say I love you

So Rahul finally got his reading chair that was supposed to be his Christmas present. We ordered it (after a massive after Thanksgiving sale) on Dec 7th thinking it would be here around the beginning of the new year. It finally showed up last Sat. Check it out.


Today I finally got my Valentine’s Day present….leaf clean up for the spring. In the fall, I work really hard to keep the leaves off the grass, but keeping them off the flower beds and other non grass areas is just too much. But as much as I love my V day gift (late b/c of all the snow and winter weather) the work in the yard has just begun. Once all the leaves were gone, I saw all the little acorns that fell from our oak next to the deck that we had taken down in the fall. I offered my sweet gardening lover Samantha extra allowance to help me clean them up. Wish us luck!


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  1. LOVE the chair! Can’t wait to see all the changes you are making. Very exciting!

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