Amazing Arizona!

After two 3hr flights and another 3 hr drive, we made it to Williams AZ yesterday. We were all pooped but excited about our adventure. Waking up at 4:45am today, not as exciting. But, once we got to Sedona and boarded our off road vehicle it was ALL WORTH IT. Off roading on the red rocks of Sedona will go down as one of the best family memories ever!

Here we are at Chicken Point. And yes,Rahul is wearing Duke everything on this trip b/c they keep winning in the NCAA tournament….ugh. He and Aidan stayed up late last night to watch the Kentucky game. Rahul said Aidan was jumping around and cheering when Kentucky lost. Samantha and I did our part to cheer on Michigan State at dinner, even brought Sparty to AZ with us. But, not in the cards 😦


Our favorite part of off roading was going down Devil’s staircase.


Next up was the Out of Africa Wildlife Tour. Samantha and I decided instantly that we wanted to kiss a giraffe. You do this by putting a piece of celery in your mouth. The guys opted not to participate.

DSC_8981 DSC_9003

Next up was the Tiger show. The premise was to show how you can train animals to like toys more than their trainers. Not sure I totally agree with this…after all they are wild animals. Here is one of the tigers going for a ball.


The finale? Feeding the tigers! If folks weren’t fast enough to step up for their chance, they started moaning for more food!


Tomorrow we head to the Grand Canyon. I cannot wait to see the kiddos’ faces when they see it for the first time….it is breathtaking!

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  1. Always dreamed of living is Sedona. Love the family picture!

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