The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

We headed back to Sedona today for one last visit. It truly is an amazing place. After the kids did some souvenir shopping, we headed to The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. We all walked around the Buddha 3 times and did what each of us felt was appropriate.


I decided to pray for 4 specific people. I found it strange that I wanted to pray, but I decided to just go with it instead of trying to analyze. I was drawn to pray, so that is what I did.

I first prayed for Lisa Emrich. Four years ago she woke up in the middle of the night after her husband had a heart attack. He was without oxygen for a long time, but she was able to revive him. I used to pray that he would get better, but now I am more realistic. He will never be the person he was, so now I focus my prayers on Lisa. She is a mom to 3 girls and a physician. She fights everyday to make sure Steve gets the care he needs, while also trying to be a great mom to her girls. My prayers today were around giving her strength to continue what she is doing. I cannot imagine the amount of stress and uncertainty she deals with on a daily basis.

Next I prayed for Lille Blank. Her mom died from complications of the flu last year. It was Samantha’s first funeral and truly rocked my world. Stacy was super healthy, and a single parent. For her to die really made me realize my own mortality. I prayed that Lille is doing well and adjusting to her new life.

The next 2 people I prayed for were the hardest of all. First, my mom. I prayed that she would seek help to finally be happy. She has suffered so much during her life and has spent so much of it sad and angry. Today I prayed that before she dies that she can find happiness. Lastly, and this was the hardest folks, but I prayed for my neighbor Jay. I hope that one day he can truly accept people who do not believe exactly what he believes and know that God does love everyone.

Wow. This was an unexpected part of our trip and I am grateful that Rahul suggested we do it. When we asked the kiddos what they thought about when they did their walks around the Buddha, Aidan mentioned George. The kid still thinks about his dog who is no longer with us. When I asked Samantha if she could pray for our neighbor Jay, she was quick to say no. She is just not ready. The pain and hurt still too close. I hope with time she will get there.


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  1. Thanks for your experience with such an open heart.

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