heading into summer….when it rains it pours!

Only one more month of work for me. I like having summers off, but this year not having summer income is feeling very stressful. You know that saying, when it rains it pours? Well that is happening right now with our family budget. First, our power bill has been double what it is normally for the past 3 months. At first I wrote it off as just a cold winter. But when we came back from spring break, I knew it was more than that. We need a new compressor (have been using only electric heat during the winter) to the tune of $1500. The pool heat pump has an alarm message, we have the expenses of our bathroom renovation, taxes are due, as well as tuition for the kids’ school. UGH!!!!

So back to looking for part time work that I can do along with Girls TALK. Double UGH.

My Father in Law tried to teach me about options trading last fall, so I might look into that. But to make money, you have to have money and take risks. Makes me a bit nervous.

Having said all of this, we did get some news that made us go “whew!” this week. Our dream house in Carrboro is back on the market. Apparently the buyers backed out 2.5 months into the deal. The new listing had an even lower selling price with the statement “all repairs have been made.” So as stressful as all of this is right now, we could have been in a situation where we bought that house (out of our price range) and needed to do repairs while selling our house. Talk about financial stress!

And, I know in my heart we will make it work for the kiddos to go to Carolina Friends until college. Aidan had an overnight advisee outing Thursday night. To hear him talk about all the fun and all that they learned with a friend from his group last when we picked them up makes it all worth it. Both kids are getting an amazing educational experience that will help shape them into amazing grown ups. There is no price tag that you can put on that.

So for now I will practice what I teach the Girls TALK girls….deep breathing when your worries get big, find an outlet to help process feelings (for me, writing) and trust that things will be ok. Ready, set….here I go.


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  1. You are definitely right…deep breath…all will be fine. : )

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