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more decorating

We finally got the chandelier installed today. Back story: We ordered one when we started the bathroom renovation but it was back ordered until June. When it arrived, it was way too large for our living room so we had to send it back and get a smaller one. That one arrived right before we went to the beach, so installation was this morning. Check it out. I LOVE it and think it really pulls everything together from the farm table, rock fire place, etc. The only thing left is our new sofa and chair which should be here in August.


And some final touches in the bathroom…. Samantha and I have been collecting shells to put in vases in the bathroom. We still need to finish the tall/skinny one, but I really like this look.


This week is a relaxing one, no camps or scheduled activities. Samantha and her friend Ila have been hanging out and Aidan will have a friend over tomorrow. I am working in the gardens thinning out the bushes, ripping up all the damn Japanese grass, etc. Aidan helped me today for about an hour for some guitar money 😉

It feels good to be home!

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We came home to 1 pumpkin, 3 tomatoes, 4 baby blue birds and only 2 trees on the ground (bad storms last night). Oh and these freshly cut flowers.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 7.54.08 PM

Home is an amazing place.


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Adventure tour and more!

We did an ocean adventure tour today. The goal was to catch lots of fish, but the weather did not agree with our plans. We still had fun. Check out some of our pics.

The sunrise (we were on the ocean at 6:30am).


A few birds and our time on the boat. The highlight? Each kiddo got to drive the boat.

IMG_8641 IMG_8640

IMG_8671 IMG_8670 IMG_8668 IMG_8660 IMG_8659 IMG_8652 IMG_8645 IMG_8642

My favorite? The mom and baby dolphin that we followed for at least a half an hour.


We had dinner at one of our favorite local places then did some shopping. Check out my henna tattoo…


And a token family pic…


A great beach week for sure!


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Our family did Stand Up Paddleboarding today. It was so much fun! We had our lesson, then went out on the water. I was the last family member to move from paddling on my knees to full standing up, but we were all successful. The only family member who did not fall off the board? Conservative Samantha. The rest of us fell off trying tricks or other fancy moves. The natural in this adventure? Aidan. He was moving from the front to the back of the board with ease, even jumped to the instructor board to try out something more challenging. Oh and he was the only family member who could do the pivot turn. Our instructor, and some fellow paddle boarders shared their shock that this was his first time on the board. What a fun beach activity!


We had dinner at home then back out at the beach for some post dinner fun pics. Enjoy!

DSC_0780 DSC_0752 DSC_0742 DSC_0733

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Father’s Day

We celebrated this special day today at the beach. The day started with homemade gifts, a beach run, breakfast cooked by yours truly, hang out time on the beach….then the best part of the day.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 8.57.50 PM

We saw Jaws on the big screen for the 40th anniversary screening! Today was the opening day. I HAD to get tickets for our special daddy. We loved seeing the movie. And yes I screamed, not while holding popcorn thankfully, but it embarrassed Aidan and I made the guy next to me jump. Sigh…. that ol’ exaggerated startle response gets me every time!

We tried to get a family pic for daddy’s special day but it was not happening. Camera lens would fog up, blurry pics from random people on the beach, etc. We will get it though.

I am working on an adventure tour and stand up paddle boarding for later in the week. Life at the beach is amazing. Oh and I got this pic of our baby Smooch at Companion Camp. She has a new friend 😉

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.18.32 PM

The kitties are also doing well. Makes going on vacay that much easier when you have someone you trust to take care of your animal babies!


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the beach

So Rahul had some difficulty sleeping last night. Imagine my surprise when I woke up tagged on Facebook to this pic from a few beach trips ago.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.54.25 PM

Samantha joked that his fake shark fin was not realistic because it was so close to shore…..hmmm. That normally would be true, but not recently at the beaches of NC. Read more here.

But we are at the beach, and just being close to the water made my anxiety and stress levels go down.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.54.53 PM

Tomorrow we celebrate Father’s Day. So many fun activities planned. Life is good!


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Camp Grandparents

The kids are at the grandparents for the week. My FIL emailed me the itinerary for the week, and wow they are going to have a blast. The first night they were gone, I almost yelled upstairs “goodnight, love you, bring down your screens” but then remembered no one was upstairs 😦

Rahul and I did what he termed “tour de Carrboro yesterday. Coffee at Open Eye, a visit to the Farmer’s Market and Cliff’s Meat Market, lunch at Neil’s Deli, afternoon drinks at Steel String, then dinner at Acme. Check out our veggies….I cannot wait to enjoy them tonight along with my steak!


Other things of interest? The bee balm is in bloom, which means summer is truly here.


And so are the snakes.


We took Smooch for a hike at Merritt’s Pasture. I read about it in the Chapel Hill magazine over spring break and have been waiting and waiting for time to go. My goal was to find the bench under the tree which is supposed to be the best spot in Chapel Hill to watch the sun set. Score one for me!


We tried to do some yard work, but after one wheelbarrow full of weeds, we both ended up in the pool. Just too damn hot this weekend.

Yesterday as we were relaxing by the pool, we talked about how strange it was that we have so many new birds this summer. Some we have never seen before, some that have not been here in over a decade. Rahul said it was Nana saying hello and letting us know she is in a happier place watching over us. I surely hope that is true. If anyone deserves happiness, she does.


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