Nature on Wild Azalea Lane

About a year ago, I purchased an official blue bird house. I did my research and mounted it on a post, the correct distance from the ground and facing the correct direction to attract blue birds. It has sat empty, except for cobwebs.

Yesterday, on whim, I purchased a plain birdhouse at Target while we were there looking for bathroom and reading room decorations. I mounted it late yesterday afternoon, so imagine my surprise when I saw these this morning!

DSC_0439 DSC_0448

2 bluebirds….a male and a female are making this birdhouse their home. We have a lot of new birds in our back yard this spring. Samantha says it is Nana watching out for us. I hope more than anything this is true.

Next up. Our slacker snake.


I found this garter snake swimming in the pool. I explained that he was welcome to stay, but we do expect him to work (i.e., kill some mice, moles, voles). We do not need anymore freeloading pets on Wild Azalea Lane!


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