the new dining table is here!

We have been looking and looking for a new dining table. The one we have been using was purchased in December 1996 and was way overdue for a replacement years ago. But we re-sanded it and it became the dining table/HW table. More and more abuse.

We went from a 60in table to an 84in table. We knew we wanted a farm table, but most of the ones we saw were a bit “too rustic.” Then we found ours. Bonus? We could use our existing chairs… oh and it was on sale!

Check it out –

IMG_8618 IMG_8619

Now we just have to figure out how to clean and maintain reclaimed wood!


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One response to “the new dining table is here!

  1. LOVE it!! That is very similar to what I want in our dining room. Still looking for the perfect hutch first, though! You will really enjoy the bigger size too.

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