first camping trip of the summer

Our camping pals, the Brothers, will be in France all summer. Boo! But what this did mean is that as soon as school was out on Friday, we headed to our first (and only with them) camping trip of the summer….The New River State Park.

Now, it has been a long time since I have been to the New River…. the spring of 1991 was the last time I was there….yikes! We rented a canoe Sat morning and headed out for a 6.5 mile trip down river. We wanted to do the 10 mile route but the weather forecast was calling for afternoon thunderstorms, so we thought the shorter trip would be safer.

Our family had not been canoeing since 2008, so it took us about 30 mins to figure out how to work together and move in a forward direction. The kids called us “hot heads” and Samantha asked to get out the second time we hit a big rock and got stuck. Haha. But in true Shimpi family fashion, we figured it out and were dodging rocks and paddling fast quickly there after. Here is proof we did not capsize πŸ™‚


Because of the weather, I did not take the “big camera” but we saw lots of birds. Oh, and the kiddos came across a GIANT black snake who would not move off the path, so they had to take the road back to the campsite.

Check out our dinner from last night. Lots and lots of meatballs πŸ™‚ Note to self: eating spaghetti with a camp spork was not easy!

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.03.39 PM

Samantha and I both have been feeling called to the sea, so the kids and I are taking a spontaneous trip to the beach tomorrow. Oh how I do love summer!


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  1. Gotta LOVE summer break!

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