Camp Grandparents

The kids are at the grandparents for the week. My FIL emailed me the itinerary for the week, and wow they are going to have a blast. The first night they were gone, I almost yelled upstairs “goodnight, love you, bring down your screens” but then remembered no one was upstairs 😦

Rahul and I did what he termed “tour de Carrboro yesterday. Coffee at Open Eye, a visit to the Farmer’s Market and Cliff’s Meat Market, lunch at Neil’s Deli, afternoon drinks at Steel String, then dinner at Acme. Check out our veggies….I cannot wait to enjoy them tonight along with my steak!


Other things of interest? The bee balm is in bloom, which means summer is truly here.


And so are the snakes.


We took Smooch for a hike at Merritt’s Pasture. I read about it in the Chapel Hill magazine over spring break and have been waiting and waiting for time to go. My goal was to find the bench under the tree which is supposed to be the best spot in Chapel Hill to watch the sun set. Score one for me!


We tried to do some yard work, but after one wheelbarrow full of weeds, we both ended up in the pool. Just too damn hot this weekend.

Yesterday as we were relaxing by the pool, we talked about how strange it was that we have so many new birds this summer. Some we have never seen before, some that have not been here in over a decade. Rahul said it was Nana saying hello and letting us know she is in a happier place watching over us. I surely hope that is true. If anyone deserves happiness, she does.


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