Father’s Day

We celebrated this special day today at the beach. The day started with homemade gifts, a beach run, breakfast cooked by yours truly, hang out time on the beach….then the best part of the day.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 8.57.50 PM

We saw Jaws on the big screen for the 40th anniversary screening! Today was the opening day. I HAD to get tickets for our special daddy. We loved seeing the movie. And yes I screamed, not while holding popcorn thankfully, but it embarrassed Aidan and I made the guy next to me jump. Sigh…. that ol’ exaggerated startle response gets me every time!

We tried to get a family pic for daddy’s special day but it was not happening. Camera lens would fog up, blurry pics from random people on the beach, etc. We will get it though.

I am working on an adventure tour and stand up paddle boarding for later in the week. Life at the beach is amazing. Oh and I got this pic of our baby Smooch at Companion Camp. She has a new friend 😉

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.18.32 PM

The kitties are also doing well. Makes going on vacay that much easier when you have someone you trust to take care of your animal babies!


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