more decorating

We finally got the chandelier installed today. Back story: We ordered one when we started the bathroom renovation but it was back ordered until June. When it arrived, it was way too large for our living room so we had to send it back and get a smaller one. That one arrived right before we went to the beach, so installation was this morning. Check it out. I LOVE it and think it really pulls everything together from the farm table, rock fire place, etc. The only thing left is our new sofa and chair which should be here in August.


And some final touches in the bathroom…. Samantha and I have been collecting shells to put in vases in the bathroom. We still need to finish the tall/skinny one, but I really like this look.


This week is a relaxing one, no camps or scheduled activities. Samantha and her friend Ila have been hanging out and Aidan will have a friend over tomorrow. I am working in the gardens thinning out the bushes, ripping up all the damn Japanese grass, etc. Aidan helped me today for about an hour for some guitar money šŸ˜‰

It feels good to be home!

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