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more birds

We have more than just blue bird babies in our back yard this summer. Check out this feisty baby Carolina Wren.


I love that you can see the dirt flying off after his little “dirt bath” on the fence. Watching all of these birds is truly healing my heart, and lets me know that my mom is still watching over us.


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Summer Project

The nature lovers in our family have been trying get a pond installed in our front woods, but downer Daddy thinks it will just be a place for mosquitos to live….sigh. But we have a gardening issue that could lead to a possible compromise. I struggle with when to trim back the flowers and plants in my gardens. I like the natural look of everything growing like it should in nature. But this also means that things can get out of hand….like weeds. There is one area in my front garden bed that is constantly consumed by Japanese grass. Oh and this year a new friend….dog fennel. When Samantha shared that my plants looked like they were all growing into one giant blob, I knew it was time for some major work. As I started weeding, spraying killer poison on my unwelcome visitors, I came up with an idea….a water garden (also known as a small pond 😉 )

Here is my vision.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 7.50.40 PM

Here is my existing area at the start of the project.


Here is my helper and her tools after day one.


And after day two. It is so damn hot here, and my neighbor in the front has been burning leaves all summer. Of course he decided to burn when I started working in the garden this am. Needed to bust out the inhaler after an hour in the smoky air. But, we are making progress. I call it summer sweaty baby steps.


Tomorrow there will be no progress made. I have my weekly sprint work out (read: run super fast for short distances and need the inhaler to breathe after). But it is my favorite day of the week. I LOVE beating my times for each timed interval. You cannot stop getting old, but you do not have to be old and fat. After sprinting, I am taking Aidan and a friend from school to Frankie’s Fun Park for the day. Hoping to have more updates Wed night.

Sweaty, happy Kristan

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Sunday Fun Day!

We started our day with a hike at Merrits Pasture. I feel so grateful for my family. Being in nature with these people makes my heart happy.


Next up – mom and daughter horseback riding lessons. We have been trying all summer to get lessons, but I am convinced that we ended up at the right place. We brushed, saddled, learned to go/stop/turn/trot. All on our own, no lead. Samantha is HOOKED. My horse is Ittie Bitty, but he was not little.


Check out Samantha getting ready for her lesson.

IMG_9563 IMG_9566 IMG_9567

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Rock camp

Aidan attended Rock Camp last week. Campers needed to be 11 years or older and be able to play an instrument. This was the first summer he met both criteria. He played in the super band, The Rolling Squares, and the band Alpha.

Alpha played Peter Tosh’s Equal Rights, a song about tarantulas from Youtube (?), an original Rat City which was actually quite catchy….we all were singing it today 🙂

The Rolling Squares closed the show with It’s The End Of The World by REM.  Aidan’s face during the show said it all. He is a true rock and roller! Super proud mom and grateful for this type of summer camp.

IMG_9533 IMG_9545 IMG_9553Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 7.16.00 PM

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they are back!

My blue bird family is back. I literally squealed when I saw them going in and out of their house again yesterday. They left with their fledglings (all 5) a few weeks ago, and I read that sometimes they come back to the same house to have another brood. Samantha and I cleaned out the old nest and have been waiting. My heart was literally smiling as I took these pics. It feels like my mom is watching over us in her own special way.

DSC_0916 DSC_0921

For more on the last day of mom and daughter camp, check out today’s post on the Girls TALK blog by clicking here. A fun week for sure.


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more camp fun

One of the requests this week for mom and daughter camp is to milk a cow. I have no idea where this interest came from, but I have done my best to try and make it happen (researched, called, pleaded on Facebook to friends with farm connections). I keep getting no, no and no. So in an effort to save the day of camp, I offered up a special lunch at Fig & Honey and watch Sixteen Candles (an 80s movie we were holding off on watching until she was a little older). It is rated PG, but that means 80s PG, which we have learned is not what we think of in terms of 2015 PG.

What a fun day, despite the lack of milking something and no sunshine. Go camp mom!

IMG_9521 IMG_9525

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camp day 2

Day 2 of mom and daughter camp was a hit with shopping and crafting! The project? Mason jar string lights like we saw at one of the breweries in Asheville. Check out our handy work.

IMG_9503 IMG_9508


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