garden projet update

The front garden is officially free of vinca minor and japanese grass. Check it out. It took a week of early morning and late afternoon weeding.


Samantha and I can visualize the water pond in that open space….ahhhh.

Rahul took Samantha to the Baxter for the afternoon, and I headed back out on a mission to eradicate more of our gardens of the evil ground cover called vinca minor. Front side bed, before and after.

IMG_9621 IMG_9624

Strong work! But I am missing my Aidan. I met the grandparents halfway yesterday so he could have a few days with them this week solo (has never happened). Samantha is not a fan of driving long distances in the car and we are heading to the beach again next weekend, so she opted to stay home.  When Mema said thank you to Aidan for coming to visit them, this was his reply: “you should thank my mom, she drove all that way, and she is the best mom ever.” Wow, I love that kiddo so much.

Hoping for more work on project water garden this week….Rahul says it is time for me to go back to work. Probably true, but it is summer still, right?


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