Summer epic fail

Feeling really frustrated today. We started the summer with me taking time off from work to have time to deal with the loss of my mom. I have a tendency to push things down and not address them, then the stress manifests itself in other ways (think shingles, etc). The hope was to write and process thoughts and feelings. I have tried to do these things, but in the process this has also happened…..

Aidan has had limited physical exercise for a lot of reasons. First, his current interests and hobbies are sedentary (think guitar, cubing, and video games). He is still doing TKD twice a week, but his diet makes this not enough physical exercise. We cut out Ensure drinks in late spring, which we started to give him extra calories when he was not eating a lot when he was younger. But as he entered middle school, he was drinking 3-4 a day (300 calories each) and not a lot of food. He is a night owl and a snacker, so he started eating very little in terms of meals and then lots of empty calorie snacks at night. Just a series of bad habits that came to a head this summer.

Now for Samantha. She has started lying this summer. Texting Rahul asking for hair extensions… as me. Telling him her room was clean when it wasn’t so she could go to the FARM for fun with a friend.

Feeling like the failure mom of a potential Type 2 diabetic and future sociopath right about now. My only “job” this summer was to make sure these 2 little people were functional and healthy creatures. Today I spent most of the day arguing with Aidan to get him to finish a book on the middle school book list. I played my final card at dinner. If he did not finish and write the summary, no hanging out with his friend Sam tomorrow. Note: Sam has been gone for the entire summer. I hope this motivator works.

We need to get back on track, all of us. I think getting back on a work and school schedule will help. We plan for our upcoming vacation to be full of physical activity… and family fun. This summer has taught me an important lesson: my family does better on a set schedule. All of us. Live and learn and parenting is not for the faint of heart.


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