the last 2 days

We have had a blast at the beach this week. Yesterday we walked to Jeanett’s Pier in the morning, introduced the kids to the & Eleven Slushie, dinner at the Tale of the Whale, then back to Jockey’s Ridge for more kite flying. Check out our family selfie 🙂


Today we went back to Jeanett’s Pier for family fishing lessons. They provide instruction, bait, etc all for $15. It was a slow fishing day (Of course, right? Our family was there). But Rahul had the whole pier excited when he caught a giant sting ray. Our instructor anticipated 70-80lbs. Rahul held on trying to reel it in up and down the pier with everyone watching, then it just sat on the bottom of the ocean to wait him out. Our instructor said he would sit there all day…sigh, so he cut the line. But what excitement. I caught the world’s smallest sea bass and the kids each caught a fish, and we all had fun on the pier. Such a different experience than Johnny Mercer’s!

IMG_9889 IMG_9885 IMG_9892

After some go kart racing and a nice beach nap, we headed out to the beach for one final afternoon of fun. What a great week of family fun!

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