memorial area

Samantha and I have been thinking all summer about how to honor my mom. We wanted it to be something outside. She loved butterflies, birds and gardening, but I did not want to force it….if that makes sense. So we weeded and talked, and then the idea came to us. My mom was truly at peace swinging on our front porch swing. Now, being able to look back, I think it was one of the few places she was able to truly relax and be happy. Building on this idea, Samantha and I decided to build a swing set area with some plants… oh and a solar powered butterfly so that we would always have one fluttering around this area. I added a blue bird house with fingers crossed that another family would want to move in. Mahonia are in both of the green planters. They can tolerate shade and deer, bloom, and stay green year round.

Check out our progress.


The final steps? We are making concrete stepping stones to honor Nana and spreading her ashes here. With every step in this process, I am feeling more closure. And the fact that 2 blue bird families have moved into our back yard this summer, the summer after my mom died, when there had been NONE since 1995 makes me believe in a higher power.


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