the fledge, part two…. moving on

All of my baby blue birds have officially left the nest. Samantha and I took the final nest out of the house and placed it in Nana’s memorial area so we can always remember the blue bird family that helped us heal this summer. Then I cleaned out the bird house and have my fingers crossed that they will come back to us again.


I also made some positive changes to move forward starting today…. I am adding in more exercise time and eating clean. Bread, rice, pasta are things I crave when stressed but they are not good for me. I am more clear headed and feel so much better when I am good about what I eat.

My extra workouts will be sprint intervals. The best way to burn fat. I am going to do a moderate jog to the neighborhood next to us, then do 4 sprints (mailbox to mailbox). Jog back towards our house, and one last sprint with a distance a little longer than the other sprints. I am keeping track of my times (and clean eating) on a calendar. I need the accountability.


For those that cannot tell, the times are as follows:

36.10, 29.82, 29.42, 28.58, 34.52. Keep in mind that the last distance is longer than the first 4. And the goal is to get faster with each interval….. goal met today!

Wish me luck!


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