Samantha woke me up around 4am this morning saying there was a lot of noise coming from the chicken coop. I got up, put on my glasses and some flip flops, grabbed the flashlight, and we headed outside. The noise had stopped and we saw a bunch of feathers on the ground. Oh and some giant scratches leading up the side of the fence. As I got closer to the fence, I could hear the crunching of bones…..sigh. There was no way I was going over the fence to see what had taken Buffy.

I was worried that Samantha would be sad that her chicken had been eaten most likely by a coyote or a fox, but she simply said “everyone has to eat and we should probably lock up the other 2 chickens in case he wanted seconds.” She is learning that whole circle of life thing, my little farmer girl.

I always figured if any of the chickens would get eaten, it would be Buffy. God bless her soul, but she was not the brightest of the bunch. Always Smooch’s target chicken and did things her own way. Roosting on the tree stump at night instead of in the chicken coop was probably not the best survival move. But, she was our best layer 😦

So, RIP Buffy the Buff Orpington. We will miss you.


Also keep Fireball in your thoughts. I know it is probably completely unrelated, but he did not come home this morning (we let both cats out regularly when they start wrestling and biting Rahul’s feet in the early morning hours). This happens from time to time, and in my head I know he is much smarter than our dear Buffy, but a MIA cat after the chicken murder has me on edge. Come home soon my sweet Fireball!

Update 8:30pm. Fireball was on the front porch when we came home from performance dance practice. Whew!


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