new opportunity

I have finally found a professional outlet to complement my work with Girls TALK. Some background: I am starting year 3 of my non profit work and have decided that I want to keep it small with only me running the program. Why would this be a problem? Girls TALK is a non profit, and we are entering year 2 of having 2 kiddos at Carolina Friends School. We made it work last year, but realized that I need to work more than just for professional growth.

It was not was not easy to find work that I could add in addition to my work with Girls TALK, oh and being a mom!  I have been looking and looking. And then a fateful meeting at Starbucks, of all places.

I first met Susan at the funeral of our mutual friend Stacy. I can still remember her eulogy and how it made me feel so much better about such an unfortunate loss. A few months later we were in line together at Starbucks. I approached her and asked if her name was Susan. Who knew at that time that we were connected by more than our friendship with Stacy. She is a school psychologist who at the time was running social skills groups in her private practice. We exchanged business cards and became friends on Facebook.

Fast forward to this fall. We met for coffee, and Susan shared that she was devoting herself full time to her private practice and would I want to join her. She has a great set up in Briar Chapel. She and her husband live in a 3 story townhouse, and the entire first level (with separate entrance) is devoted to her practice.

How could I say no? Right now I only have time slots on Monday and will be focusing on ADHD coaching…. what  I started out doing professionally in 1995 and the focus of my doctoral dissertation.

This feels like the right move for me professionally. Fingers crossed it helps me contribute to our giant private school bill each month!

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.53.42 PM

And click here for my services section.


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2 responses to “new opportunity

  1. Way to go Kristan! What exciting news!!

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