chicken update

We lost another chicken this week. After Buffy was taken away by what we think was a coyote, I started locking up the 2 Austalorps at night. After a while I thought our coyote had surely given up on our back yard for dinner and with the hectic after school schedule I did not lock them up on Thursday night. RG4 was only a few feathers Friday morning. I have always read that chickens are social creatures and are not happy living alone. We had a family meeting and decided that we should find a new home for Godzilla (Aidan’s chicken) vs trying to add more chickens at our house.

I went through a “need to nurture” phase when I turned 40. I think we got chickens, 2 kittens and a puppy over the course of a year. My poor husband. I do not feel that need right now and would like to make it easier for is us to travel.  Our friends the Upshaws have chickens and are veteran chicken farmers and offered to take Godzilla to add to their flock. She will join her new home tomorrow night. I hope it goes well. When I feel guilty, I try to remember what Andy said…. better to try and join a new flock vs trying to befriend the neighborhood coyote.

We had a good run at raising chickens and enjoyed the eggs. Bye Godzilla, keep on being a good layer!


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