the chicken update: part 2

There were some doubts after we had a plan to re-home Godzilla, so we had a family meeting tonight at dinner to make sure we were all on the same page. The biggest concern was trying to get Godzilla to assimilate into a new flock at age 3 (older for a chicken). Samantha and I saw what can happen to a chicken when introduced to a new flock when we took horseback riding lessons this summer….the dominant chickens pluck feathers from the weaker ones, sometimes making them partially bald. We figure that Godzilla would do better with the stress of being introduced to new chickens in her safe established environment.

The vote was 4-0. Keep Godzilla and add some started pullets (chickens old enough to lay eggs) to our flock.

So 3 of these lovely ladies will be joining us around Nov 3rd. Fingers crossed for an easy transition. I guess our mantra of “once in the family, always in the family” holds true.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.34.18 PM

Oh, and I have an alarm set on my phone every night at 7:30pm to make sure all chickens are LOCKED in the coop (not just roosting inside). I hope this fixes our predator problem.

PS – I love my husband extra b/c he was the first vote for keeping Godzilla. That city boy really does love me and my farmer tendencies.


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