newest members of the family

For those not up to date on our chicken saga, click here. I got the call from the Post Office yesterday that our chickens had arrived. Now that was a proud farming moment…. going up to the counter and asking the postal worker for my chickens…. bahaha.

I did check the box to make sure everyone was safe, and actually alive.


Once home, I added the recommended supplements to the water and let Larry, Curly and Moe out of the box. They explored their new home with Godzilla looking on…a little confused by the newest additions.


The one giving me the stink eye has to be Curly 😉

After the introductions, Godzilla puffed out her feathers and started pecking each new chicken. Sigh. I was hoping this would not happen. It is recommended to keep them separated but let them see each other for a while so they can get used to each other without actually being with each other. This means Godzilla gets to explore the back yard (outside of the chicken area) while the new chickens explore the actual chicken area of the back yard. This also means we have to be careful not to let Smooch off the deck while Godzilla is exploring.

I know what you are thinking…what happens at night when they are all in the coop together? Larry, Curly and Moe are free to roam in the coop. Godzilla is in the coop but in a small dog crate so she cannot get to the other chickens. I am hoping this set up is really temporary, like just this week.

Fingers crossed for some eggs soon. I bought eggs at the grocery yesterday, which felt a little wrong while doing all this work to have back yard chickens.


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  1. So cute! They look like lanky teenagers!!

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