how we say I love you….

We have a unique way of showing love in our house, but it works for us. One of Samantha’s favorite ways to show her love involves my cinnamon coffee warmer from Guatemala. It sits nicely on the kitchen counter ledge and blends with the red colors in the living room. I always smile when I look at it because it makes me think of her foster family in Guatemala (her foster sister gave it to me as a gift when we visited in 2014).


Samantha’s favorite thing to do is flip it over so that the Guatemala label is upside down. Each time she does it, I sigh and flip it back over to its correct position. Repeat. It has become a fun little game with us.


There are other versions of this game with Aidan and Rahul. All done in fun, always resulting in laughs. Samantha made this statement about our family in morning carpool today. Oh and note to self: don’t switch carpool times on Monday ever again. I had to sort recycling, get Aidan’s project double bagged in garbage bags b/c of the rain….I could keep going….and get 3 kids to school on time. “Our family is not warm and fuzzy. We are thorny and prickly.” Whatever we are, we are honest with each other and truly enjoy each other. Further proof? Aidan asked for a hug when I got home from work today because he was “cold.” I almost tripped over my own feet to get to him before he changed his mind.

Feeling grateful tonight for our thorny, prickly, and just right family for me.


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