International Potluck

The Shimpi family is preparing for the International Potluck at Carolina Friends School. From Guatemala, Samantha made Arroz con Leche. From India, Aidan made Jeer Aloo.

The task was to make a dish that represents your family culture. Well, this was a bit complicated for our family and our multicultural roots, but I was determined to participate. Here is our take on the activity –

Samantha emailed her foster family in Guatemala to ask for an easy dessert.

Aidan talked to his grandparents who were also born in India like him and asked for an easy, but also spicy dish.

So, our sweets loving daughter and spicy food loving son are contributing in our special way to the potluck!

And some pics of our extended family. Here I am with Samantha and her foster family when she was only 5 mos old.


And Aidan’s grandparents. The most supportive grandparents anyone could ask for.


Our family is eclectic, and to some different from the “norm,” but it works for us. So as we head into Thanksgiving this year, I am grateful that my children attend such a wonderful school that celebrates everyone. And, they do this with academic rigor as well. On Aidan’s most recent self-evaluation, this is what he wrote about his science teacher: “I love the projects we do and my teacher makes me use my brain.” Wow. That is all that I could ever ask for from a teacher.

Feeling grateful,


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