Friendsgiving 2015

What a difference a year makes. Last year we spent 7 hrs in the car (for a 4 hr drive) only to arrive to a complicated and difficult relationship with Rahul and his brother. If my stomach was in knots on the drive there, it only intensified once we arrived, and lasted the entire trip.

Fast forward to this year. Most folks who know me, or read this blog, know that I have had a bad year. 2015 was not my year, but I learned a lot about myself. Life is short and there is nothing wrong with doing what you need to do to make yourself happy. Living just to please others is not being true to yourself, like I teach girls to do each and every week at Girls TALK. So this year I decided to take care of me and invited our family to my good friend Liz’s Friendsgiving. It was AMAZING in every single way. Relaxing, honest, and truly fun. Here are some pics of our fun evening. I hope this becomes a tradition for us.


Hanging out by candlelight.


My boy.


The place setting.


Jamie’s caffeine inspired fire pit.


How the kids did dessert. A little pie with the whipped cream.

Craft time. I love Liz’s snowflake. Unique just like her 🙂

Super grateful for my family tonight and our Friendsgiving. My heart feels so full tonight, and I am relaxed in a way that I have never felt at a holiday.

Thanks to Liz and all of her UConn crew…we love you!


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