what a week!

First, there was the Chatham Co Giving Party. Girls TALK raised enough money to offer scholarships to 4 girls for the rest of this school year. For more on this amazing feat, click here to read the Girls TALK blog post about this special night.

Then more big news yesterday. I was standing in line at the Pak Mail waiting to get 1 million stamps for our holiday cards when my phone rang. It was a random number from NY, so I almost did not answer it. Boy am I glad I did. It was the publisher at Royal Fireworks Press. He wanted to offer me a contract to publish the Girls TALK Curriculum. There is also potential interest in publishing The Friendship Way children’s book as a part of a bundle package with the curriculum! I have to wait for the contract before things are official, and I learned the first time around in publishing that nothing is ever a done deal until there is an actual book, but, I am cautiously optimistic.

What a WEEK. I feel like I am still floating around with all the good Girls TALK news.

I am going to celebrate tomorrow with something special just for me. Check back for an update!



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2 responses to “what a week!

  1. What fantastic news! I am so very happy for you. What a week indeed!!!

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