non profit update

There are some changes happening in the world of Girls TALK for 2016. I had an attorney review the publishing contracts that I have received and learned a lot more than I bargained for.

Apparently there is an organization in Charlotte, NC called Girl Talk doing something very similar to what I am doing. Sigh. I did search the free trademark name database back in 2013, but I used the free database that was recommend in the non profit book for dummies (yes, I got a nice look from the attorney when I shared that was how I got started). Apparently there is another database that is more comprehensive. So, as I enter the publishing world, I need a clean trademark name.

In breaking the news to the girls, they came up with some good alternatives…. Let’s TALK, Just TALK, and some others…. Girls RULE, Girl Power, etc. We landed on Friends TALK, which I like since that is what friends need to do when there is a problem. Bonus? One of the parents at Glenwood Elementary is a graphic artist and offered to donate her time to create a new logo for us!

Samantha and Ila are having the hardest time with the change. Samantha helped come up with the g logo idea, so in their hearts it will probably always be Girls TALK. One of my super, sweet girls at Willow Oak patted me on the shoulder and said it will all be ok. She is the wisest 7 yr old I have ever known.

I also learned the down side of offering to publish the curriculum. In the contract it states that after publishing, it cannot be modified, etc etc etc. Well, that is what I do each and every week.

I was also advised to set the Friends TALK blog to private since some of the content will be published. How sad that we live in a world where we have to think like that. But, fellow blog readers, all you have to do to see all those great pics of the girls and learn what we do each and every week is send me your email address and I will add you to be a reader.

Such a steep learning curve, but better to learn all of this now vs later on. So, here’s to Friends TALK and an amazing 2016!



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  1. Friends TALK is going to rock 2016! It is you and the girls that make it great. Excited to read all the new adventures in the coming year!

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