Snow White

Yesterday was the big day for Studio A performance dancers… time to perform Snow White at East Chapel Hill High School. The day was a bit tricky because Rahul was out of town…. a rowdy trip to Vegas with college friends. A fellow dance mom is also a professional photographer. This is an important piece of information, stick with me.

Rahul is the one who does all the technical aspects of the camera in our family. I am the creative person. Because I am not good at the technical parts, I decided the leave the camera at home for the performances. I regretted my decision immediately when the first show started. The costumes and scenery were amazing. So I planned out a strategy – videotape the first show and go home for the camera for the second show.

Aidan was a good sport for show #1, but was not disappointed when I asked if he would hang at home with Smooch while I went to the second show solo. Grabbed the camera and the tutorial notes from a few years ago and headed back to the high school. Then, remember the dance mom who is also a professional photographer? She was on concessions duty with me for the 6pm show. Woo hoo. So in between handing out waters, chips, popcorn and other snacks, she helped me get the settings ready for the show. Check out my pics! Videos to come later.


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