the puzzle

I love puzzles. I really do. I am visual and putting them together comes easily for me…until this last puzzle. I purchased it at one of the Sanibel gift shops. It was 55o pieces and a photograph of the shells on the beach at low tide. What a great way to remember our trip, right? Wrong.

A month later the puzzle was not complete, for 2 reasons. 1) too many false positives. This means pieces look like they fit, but they are not actually in the right spot. 2) you cannot use the photograph on the box to help you fill in the pieces. But I was determined. And I had already purchased a frame for it, and had a place to hang it.

We all worked on it, but Aidan and his visual brain was the best at finding the pieces. 3 weeks in, I started offering bribes to both children to get it completed. Do not judge. I have never given up on a puzzle, but I came close this time.

Here are Samantha and Ila working on it this weekend. And yes, this is how excited we all would get when we found a matching piece.

This past week I would find empty plates of Indian spinach next to the puzzle when I would wake up in the middle of the night to let the dog out to pee. And 12+ more pieces would be in place. Go night owl Aidan!

This past weekend, I am not proud that there was a puzzle meltdown on my part and the part of Samantha. I won’t share these details, but after briefly considering throwing all the pieces back in the box, I simply moved the partly completed puzzle to Aidan’s room. What a smart move. He has to give up all technology when I go to bed (between 8:30-9pm) so for the past 3 nights he has been working on it well into the night.

There were about 30 pieces left today, and I was determined to complete it. And I did!


Puzzle complete. And it might be the last one.

PS – On my regular grocery store run today, I ran into one of my biggest blog fans. Apparently, my blog is a good help with middle of the night insomnia. Not that reading my posts puts someone to sleep. Geez. Sweet Kathy reads my posts when she cannot sleep, loves the posts and curses me when I get busy with work and life and do not post fast enough for her. Her hug made my day!


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