the birthday-versary

Most folks know that Rahul and I eloped on my 30th birthday. It was snowing that day too. I woke up to some super special cards this morning.

Then I did something completely crazy… I went for a run….on the treadmill since we are snowed in. But if felt soooo good. I have been told by my chiropractor and trainer that I am no longer a runner. It is just too much for my back, knees, etc. But I miss it SO MUCH. Don’t tell on me.


The rest of the day was spent hanging out in the snow and watching the birds.


Rahul made an amazing dinner, but honestly the best part of the day was a happy bday text from my brother. Things between us have been tense since my mom’s death. We had differing approaches to her mental illness. He was the enabler, I was the realistic one. But this reaching out seems important. I have such a small family, and I want my children to know my side of the family, but that has been so hard to make happen. Today seems like a good first step.

I am feeling so happy and fortunate on this 13th wedding anniversary.


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