who really killed Hae Min Lee?

Rahul and I binged watched Making a Murderer on Netflix last month. Completely and totally addictive. I had a friend ask what I thought of the Serial Season One podcasts. I vaguely remember people posting about them last fall, but I could not figure out how to do podcasts on my phone. Please stop laughing. But after Making a Murderer, I was willing to figure it out.

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Once I finished Serial One, I dove right into Undisclosed Season One. Both podcasts are about the same case, but told from different perspectives. Serial is more of a story told from an NPR journalist. Undisclosed told from the perspective of 3 lawyers.

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Here are my thoughts after listening to both podcasts.

  1. I learned more from Undisclosed. That is not to say that Serial was not good. Undisclosed would never have happened without Serial. But seriously, how else could a lay person like me learn things like Brady violations and lividity evidence?
  2. Adnan Seyed did not commit the crime. Now, I would like to outline a few theories of who committed the crime.
  3. Jay Wilds did not do it either. However, I am not convinced that he was a part of the murder in some way. He is and was a shady guy who was not afraid to lie. But I feel strongly that he inserted himself into this story for some reason and the State of MD built their case on his lies. Remember what Susan discovered in listening to his police recordings? Tap, tap, tap whenever his story did not match the state’s evidence.

What I want more information on are the online Asian chat rooms that Hae Min was actively involved in at the time of her death. They were never investigated. Colin Miller’s theory is that Hae Min left school that day in January and could not offer Adnan a ride as planned because her “plans changed.” But no one has come forward to say that he/she was the person. That person is most likely her killer.

Then, there was the boyfriend Don (Adnan was the ex boyfriend). In Serial, Don has an alibi. But in Undisclosed, Susan does some digging and discovers that, in fact, he does not really. His time card for that day was not available, but when the State persisted, one was created by the manager of his store. This person also was his step mother. Oh, and that time card did not look like any others the company issued. Hmmmm.

But regardless of my layperson theories, I am super happy that Adnan is getting an appeal with competent counsel. Witness Asia Mclean will testify.

I also hope that I am never wrongly accused of a crime. If I learned anything from Serial and Undisclosed it is that you hope to never be on the wrong side of the law….especially if you are Muslim. No one who has been a part of this case can argue that being Muslim was not an issue.

Podcasts… a fun way to do dishes, laundry, school carpool. You can be a mom and use your brain too!




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  1. You know I’m a fanatic about this case also. I’d forgotten about the chat rooms, that is a viable line of investigation. I also wonder about the serial killer who killed at least one other Asian woman the same way Hae was killed and buried her in the same location. Hae used the ATM across from his house. BTW, Crime Writers on Serial and Truth and Justice are two other podcasts about the case.

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