the Bennett Farm

My brother reached out to me on my birthday earlier this month. This was a big deal since we dealt with my mom’s mental illness and death in very different ways.

He has a farm now and seems really happy. I mean really happy, like I have never seen him before… ever. That, more than him reaching out to me on my birthday, made me so happy. He has goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, a pond with fish. He has a less stressful job and has a great relationship with Sam.

Our visit was not awkward in any way. He smiled and hugged me as we walked into his house.

Check out some pics from our visit.


Check out the Sams hanging out with the baby goat born last week.


The Tom turkey.


Samantha FREAKED out when she saw Kevin’s new skill of taxidermied animals. Not because they freak her out, but instead because she would KILL for a raccoon like this one after listening to Furiously Happy with me. That book will always be special between us. Maybe Uncle Kevin can make her one for her bday????


Then the strange, connectedness moment. I showed Kevin my bird tattoo. Then he showed me the bird he bought the day he spread my mom’s ashes at Old Salem.


The birds were the same. There are no coincidences. We are all connected.

All to say, a great visit and relationship repaired. My heart is happy.


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