week in review

This week got away from me super fast. Here are some highlights.

First, the birds. Here are some of the visitors to the new feeder.

Downy woodpecker, tufted titmouse, dark eyed junco. Birding is so much fun! I downloaded an iPhone app to ID bird calls. Fingers crossed it works.

Next up, the Dream Board. Samantha says if you write something on your Dream Board, it will come true. I want a pond on our property more than anything, but the hubs is not in agreement. It is expensive and there can be problems later on….but the idea of it is such a dream of mine. Last summer Samantha and I decided to compromise and create a water garden with koi fish. We found a space and then planned out how to dig the hole. Just the planning made me think I would need chiropractic care… just too hard on the old back. We tabled the idea, but I am thinking this could be a good compromise with the pond dream. The only problem? I typically do not work in the summer months, and we still have to pay school tuition (we pay June-Feb). So without extra income, a home project is off the table. This is now my motivation to find summer work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.39.18 AM

We are celebrating the Super Bowl, the Shimpi family way…. with chicken wings.


My dinner. Because I do not eat meat on the bone. White bean chicken chili.


Today’s sunset. A beauty.


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