the writing process

I am learning a lot about myself and the writing process these days. Here are some thoughts.

  1. You cannot turn on creativity at any moment. I wish that I could drop my kiddos off at school, come home and BAM the creative ideas start coming. I am learning that these ideas just come when they want and you have to embrace them right then and there.
  2. I am a better editor some days rather than others. Just like creativity, embrace it when it is there. Shockingly, I am a better editor in the morning after multiple cups of coffee.
  3. Schedule some breaks, even when you are on a roll. I am in the editing phase of a book right now, and I have a tendency to want to plug along when my brain could use a break.
  4. Ask for help from others. This is hard for me because it puts me in a position to have to accept criticism, but I am doing it. One way is to ask friends for advice on book outlines. In this way I have gotten great feedback. One friend is also a librarian, and she helped me reorder the chapter sequence to make the topics flow so much better. I knew something was not right with the ordering, but I could not figure out how to make it better. I also joined the 12×12 Picture Book Challenge. A great resource to get feedback on your writing, motivation to keep going, etc.
  5. Now for the hardest part of all…. the waiting. Publishing Companies are all so different in terms of how you get feedback and when you get feedback. In my head, I play that old Tom Petty song and try my best to be patient and wait for that oh so important YES to come via email.

Check out my lovely Jr Editor.



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