V day

I looked last night, because I could have sworn that I have blogged about this topic, and maybe I have, but not on Valentine’s Day, so here it is again (if it is a repeat). It is a good story, and super fun to remember and write about!

When Rahul and I first started dating, our first V day came to fruition. Rahul proudly presented me with a humorous card and a dozen roses. The poor guy had no idea what that represented to me: thoughtless, last minute gifts….the kind I would buy for my dad to give to my mom each and every V day during my childhood. Imagine his surprise when I was not thrilled with his grocery store items of love. Once I explained, I think he kind of understood, and remarkably continued to date me.

Fast forward to the next V day. I came home from work to one of these on our front porch, complete with a red bow.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.04.06 AM

I squealed in delight and smothered him with kisses. Oh, for those who have been living in a closet and do not know what this magic thing is…. it is The Original Garden Weasel. The tool that helps you till up the soil (or in North Carolina red clay) to prepare for your spring gardens.

Now this was a good V day gift…why? Because my sweetie had learned that a gift that shows the most love is one that is thoughtful. And one you have to buy before 12noon on February 14th.

Even though he did not completely understand how a garden tool was better than roses, he stuck around and we eventually did the whole traditional thing and got hitched.

We no longer celebrate this commercial day of love… just seems too cheesey and fake. But I will always remember this V day gift. And guess what? I still use 15 years later. Can’t say the same about those roses!



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