stuck at home…

Yesterday was a big day, but I am only celebrating with my inner circle. I will post more as I feel comfortable. But, I spent the entire day sitting (in a hard back chair with my back support). Even my celebratory beer with my good buddy Liz was sitting down. This made me determined to move and be productive today.

Last Friday I was in one of our attics getting out the guest bed foot board (it is hard to attach, so I left it off when I moved the guest room upstairs, but my mother in law kept hitting her shin on the bed frame without it at their last visit, so I decided it needed to go back on). As I climbed over all the junk pilled in the attic trying to get the foot board, I fell into something hard and got a nasty bruise on my upper arm. Cursing, I swore that the next snow day that attic was getting cleaned out.

I did not have to wait long. We woke up to sleet and freezing rain today. Check out the before and after pics.

Entrance before and after.

Left side before and after.

Right side before and after.

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