X Files on Wild Azalea Lane

So the kids have been watching old X Files episodes, probably because Rahul and I are super obsessed with the new 6 episode series out right now. This morning Aidan came downstairs and declared that Fox Mulder was in our woods in the middle of the night. He saw him with a flashlight walking around. Damn I wish that kid went to bed at a decent hour. The best I can do is take away screens when I go to bed at 9pm. He is a night owl, genetically that way, just like I am not one.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 7.44.13 PM

The more logical answer? I mean, I am game for a potential alien abduction in the Woods of Wild Azalea Lane, but….. yes, last night there was a man in a black trench coat in our woods. He was looking for his lost dog. He had just adopted him, so no tag. I saw the dog behind the shed next to our neighbor’s house, so I did not ask for his contact info. I thought everything was ok, but no. And the why is sad.

The man in the trench coat recently adopted the dog. He had been adopted from the pound only to have the new owner die of a heart attack a month after the adoption. The dog ran off, trench coat dude found him and has been taking care of him for the last month. So when I thought everything was all good, things were not. The skittish dog ran off before the man in the trench coat could harness him.

After school carpool this morning, the skittish dog was back. Smooch was super happy to have a playmate in our front woods. Our neighbor to the right texted me his owner’s contact info. Dog people are awesome.

The man in the trench coat came immediately and tried his best to get Honeycow (yes, that is his name) to come close enough to harness. He had to get on the ground….after tons of sleet and rain, which made for a muddy, muddy sitting. Oh and add to the mix, sweet Smooch licking him all over. This guy must be a saint, or a true dog lover.

I dragged Smooch away from the fun, and Honeycow and his owner made it home with our leash. That is love, folks.

I have said it once, and I will say it again…never a dull moment in the woods of Wild Azalea Lane.




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