That is the number of bales of pine straw that went in our front gardens this weekend. Sorry for folks in N Chatham. I cleaned out the stock at the Ace Hardware and then moved on to Southern States in Carrboro. Check out my hard work.

I am going to need a delivery for the back yard. But I am determined to save money and do it myself. We are entering the tricky time of year at our house. We owe taxes (for 2015 and estimates for 2016) and we have to pay for school tuition for the upcoming school year. And…. this is the time of year where I am not working (my programs stop in May). I am looking, looking, looking for something to supplement my Friends TALK income, but it has not been easy. I was asked to join a private practice last fall to do some ADHD coaching, but that practice is one person and she does not work a lot, which means no referrals for me. I am still writing, but that is for professional growth,  not school tuition. Hoping it will all work out. Fingers crossed.

The kids both had friends over to hang out today. Rahul at one point today asked if Aidan and his friend were still here b/c we had not seen or heard them all day. Ila was out of town last week, so Samantha was missing her in a BIG way. They were reunited today and spent the day fixing up their craft loft (AKA the S&I). I love that these 2 are such good friends.

I am signing off now so that I can eat the amazing pork that Rahul cooked all day on his Big Green Egg. Best investment ever!



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