being creative

I spent the day working on the edits of my first picture book. I already have a contract to publish it, but I want it to be amazing. After all, it will be my first. And the message is super important to me. I have gotten some good feedback from the 12×12 Picture Book Challenge, and based on a recommendation from this group, I started reading Big Magic. It’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book. For those who have been living under a rock, she is also the author of the bestseller Eat, Pray, Love. Here is a quote from her book.


The message of this book is to own and celebrate living a creative life. I can relate to a lot of it already. Don’t feel guilty for being creative, own it when it comes to you, and keep writing.

I often feel guilty for writing. It makes me happy, helps me solve problems, but it is not a “real job” (at least right now).

So imagine my surprise when I took a shower after dinner and came up with the topic for my second picture book. Seriously, while I was washing my hair. Elizabeth says to celebrate these mysterious moments, and so I did. I shared my idea post shower and immediately started working on the book idea.

Writing is teaching me a lot. I am a planner, do not like surprises, want to know exactly what to expect. But writing contradicts all of these things. Embracing them and learning from them means I am continuing to grow as a person.

And writing makes me feel connected to my mom. She was terrible at solving problems with words, probably because she had terrible role models. And probably why I do what I do. But she was a great writer. Her thoughts and ideas on paper were so thoughtful and insightful.

Right now I am feeling super grateful that  I have carved out a life where I am afforded the ability to be creative. It makes my brain and heart happy.



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