Now that I am over the shock at what I learned at Samantha’s parent/teacher conference, let’s talk about Aidan. I will say that I am super proud of Samantha’s reflections of what happened, and her promise of how she will handle herself differently in the future.

Aidan still needs for me to help with homework and project check ins. Each year of middle school he has asked to be independent with this area of school, and we usually make it until after the holiday break before it becomes too much for him to do alone. This is not an uncommon issue for adolescent boys.

He thrived in his yearbook design elective. He took the lead, yes Aidan, on learning the software to create newspaper type articles and was quite good at it. Another strong course was Mythic Worlds. And, I was super proud of his presentation in Spanish as Art. Presenting is not a strong area for him, but his teacher gave a detailed handout with expectations, and he went into to the presentation prepared. I am keeping this handout for future projects since it worked for him.

Check out this free write he did yesterday. Maybe another writer in the house?


Shadows of you can look disfigured.

They can be silhouettes of memories, like your pet that has died can be remembered as a dog’s dark silhouette following you in a memory.

Shadows always scared me up until the age of 5 because they took your look away and made you look like a monster.

I started liking them for how they change and still be recognized for what they are actually supposed to be.

Aidan continues to need to grow in the area of persisting on non preferred tasks. A life lesson that some adults never master. Don’t we all do our best work on tasks that are preferred?

Socially, he is doing great. He has friends, loves his advisee group, and still has a crush on a special girl. Last Valentine’s Day, with the help of an older friend in his advisee group, he gave his special girl a small teddy bear and a box of chocolates. He reported that she said thank you and then ran out of the room. Note: she is SUPER shy.

This year he polled his Instagram pals for gift ideas….sigh…. and decided on a bracelet from a craft store next to where he takes guitar lessons. Here it is. His pic, not mine, so sorry about the quality.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.03.56 PM

When I casually asked about how things went this year, this was his reply: “well, she said thank you like last year, but this time she did not run out of the room when I gave it to her.” Progress in young love my friends!

All to say, happy with both of my middle schoolers. I love their school, which makes helping navigate these adolescent issues so much easier. But, I will still need highlights to mask the parenting grey hair that is popping up these days 😉




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