More on memories

First, thanks to all who have liked my Facebook blog page. I had to find something to do last night while I was waiting for one of my kiddos to get home from the middle school dance. I mean, really. What is a mom supposed to do when she normally goes to bed at 9pm but has to stay awake until (gasp) 10:30pm!

But the Skate World memories made me think back to other memories of my own kiddos when they were toddlers. It was such a hectic time. 2 kiddos 20 mos apart in age, while working full time with a hubby doing residency and fellowship. Sheesh. Some days I am just grateful we made it through that phase.

What I was not able to do then was appreciate those memories in the moment. So, I am trying to be more reflective and do that now. I showed the kiddos these pics today and they laughed at them, but I hope it helps teach them the importance of being reflective…if not always in the moment.

So, here we go.


The day that I learned about Tangle Tamer.

Poor Samantha ended up with a mom with hair that would not curl even with chemical products. I remember lamenting to my mommy online group (because there was no time for real friends then) about how hard it was to comb those crazy curls each morning. One mom asked if I used “tangle tamer.” I had never heard of such a thing. But, wanting to be a good mom, I had to know about this magical hair product. It turns out that you can buy it at your local Harris Teeter… duh mom. Samantha was SUPER happy the first time I used it and exclaimed “I no longer have to be brave when you comb my hair.” Sigh. This parenting gig…live and learn.


The day preschool Aidan tested out the new playground equipment.

I got a call at work from Aidan’s preschool director. She was worried about a lip injury and wanted to talk to me about it. Never a good sign when a seasoned teacher wants your input as a new mom. Aidan went down the brand new slide head first. He already had a chipped front tooth from a bathtub injury, and that tooth scraped his lip when slid down the new slide making a nice slice right across the vermilion border. Folks, this meant that his lip needed to be stitched up by a plastic surgeon. I did not want someone else determining what Aidan’s lip looked like 20 years later. I can still remember the ER nurse asking if we wanted sedation, or to have him strapped to a board. For real? It was his LIP, located right under his EYES. Oh, and he was FOUR YEARS OLD. We opted for the board. Just kidding.


The visits to the little Croatian Park.

When the kids were little, Aidan was a bit of a mess. We used to joke that he had 2 speeds – high and off. The little wild child made it challenging to go places with both kiddos. We found this little fenced in park off of 15-501. We coined it the little Croatian Park because it kind of, no really, looked like an Eastern European park after war. But we loved it because of the fence, it was small, and I could keep an eye on both kiddos while they ran around and played on the old rusty equipment. I have to chuckle at the Aidan of now. His hobbies include playing guitar, video games, and legos. All sedentary.

And, this picture. No real story behind it. Just my all time favorite picture of my toddlers.


Memories, folks.


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