The Dance

This past Friday night was the second middle school dance. It had been rescheduled from late January because of one of our infamous NC snows that shuts things down for a week with just a few inches of precipitation.

Aidan went with his regular crew of pals.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 6.43.37 PM

We treated the boys to Tyler’s for dinner. Buffalo chicken sandwiches and Cheerwine. What could be better for 12 year old boys? They were worried about messing up their look, so LOTS of napkins were tucked into shirts, on laps, etc. We also suggested the regular fries, not the garlic. Oh and we made sure that ours at least wore extra deodorant.  This is after many conversations about the fact that just because the label says 72 hr protection, he should still apply daily.

Samantha went with her regular crew of gals. This is what I found on Instagram while heading to dinner with the boys.


Now for the dance drama. I have posted before that Aidan has a special girl that he has had a crush on since last fall. Not the fall of 2015, the fall of 2104. Every dance he talks about asking her to dance. Early in the evening, he approached her when there was a slow song and started to ask her to dance. Then one of her friends squealed and ran in between then yelling “don’t kiss her Aidan!” Sigh. The moment was lost. The special girl did ask him to dance at the very last slow song, so the night was saved.

This same girl had her friends tell Aidan last year at a dance that she wanted to dance with him. Since everyone dances with everyone at their school, not just people you “like like,” he went up to her and asked her to dance. She squealed and ran away. Just like the recent dance incident, I have tried to explain that she is behaving this way most likely because she likes him. Aidan says that makes no sense. Kid, it probably won’t make sense for quite a while. Girls are fickle creatures.

Aidan did tell me as soon as I picked him up from his sleepover that Samantha danced with a certain boy, which was hilarious to him. When I asked Samantha about it, she was quick to let me know that she did NOT like him but did not want to hurt his feelings by saying no.

She had a crush earlier this school year, but once she started hanging out with him more, decided he was gross. Most 10 year old boys are.

Strapping on my seat belt. The parenting gig is heading into the world of puberty and adolescence. Ready or not, here we come!


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