The smart and stubborn Smooch

Being smart and stubborn are not the best qualities in a super large dog, but that is our Smooch.

Recently she rediscovered her interest in our chickens. 3 times now I have had to chase Smooch out of the coop area after discovering her in there “playing” with the chickens. After the third time, I figured out the Invisible Fence correction was out of battery juice…duh.

Now for the freaky part. As I was replacing the batteries in the correction rock, Smooch started growling at the rock. No joke. Now, I know she knows the rock is the correction. We have flags for that association, but to know the batteries *inside* the rock make it work…wow.

The rock.


The poor chickens.


My frustrated Smooch. Oh, and when her one tooth shows we know she is up to no good. Good lord, I actually just wrote that down which is the same as saying it out loud to someone outside of this crazy house.


Next up, the smart and stubborn gate escape.


I had 50 bales, yes 50 bales of pine straw delivered this morning. Spring is here. And, after doing 2 car loads of 15 bales each for the front yard, I realized my landscaping needs were bigger than my trunk.

During the delivery process Smooch tried to lift and turn the gate lock. It is as if the beast has an opposable thumb!

Our sweet, smart, stubborn beast. It is a good thing we have healthy sense of humor in the Woods of Wild Azalea Lane.


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