Friends TALK interview and more

My trainer’s wife has a blog where she writes about being a mom, finding a work/home balance, and life raising 2 little girls. Like me, writing helps her process and reflect and grow. She asked to interview me about my work with Friends TALK, and of course I said yes. I never say no to talking about what I do 😉

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 7.18.37 PM

Click here to read the interview. It was really fun to do.

Now for the fun part. Alyssa also interviewed her husband for her blog. Matthew and I decided to have a little healthy competition to see which interview had the most views/shares/likes. I was sure that girl power would prevail. But his 5 word description of what he does (help people look better naked) kind of trumped my problem solving and feel good work. Click here for his interview. It contains good advice, once you get beyond looking good naked. But don’t we all want that? Don’t lie.

On a related work out note, I was super proud today when I did trap bar dead lifts with 115 lbs. When I stated lifting weights 5 years ago, I could only lift the bar plus 1obs. I could also not do one push up, and chin ups were laughable. I am so happy that I can model being a strong woman for my children. And I will say again and again…. I am super happy for my ankle injury of 2011. Without it, I would still be running the same 3 mile route at the 12 min/mile pace getting older and fatter.

So thank you weak ankle. You made me change and get stronger!


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