March 6th

This day will always be special to me. Why? Because on March 6, 2004 I met Aidan Tilak for the first time. My MIL and I got to India in the middle of the night, we were picked up by a family member and taken to her brother’s house. They graciously woke to meet us, and then we slept for a few hours before heading to the orphanage to meet Aidan. Having only traveled to England, the term jet lag was completely unknown to me. I remember being woken up feeling so confused, tired, but so excited about finally getting to meet Aidan.

I would like to say that I remember this day because I am good with dates, but I am not. The only reason I remember this date all these years later is because my MIL had an old camera that still had the date stamp on the pictures.

Here is that picture.


This is what I see when I look at this picture.

A scared mom in a foreign country. My God, just stepping into the Mumbai airport was in it of itself culture shock for this North Carolina girl. I kept thinking, how can all these people be in such a small space?

A fierce protector. Check out the death grip I have on sweet baby Aidan. The moment I met him, I knew that I was meant to be his mom. This is not always the case with adoption, but our bond was instant.

Aidan had a recent check up with our pediatrician who has known him since we transferred from the International Adoption Clinic to a regular pediatrician. He is almost 5ft tall and 96lbs. He can literally almost look me eye to eye. To think that we were worried about his growth and ability to make it on the US growth chart seems comical now. But it was not then. I spent many, many years worrying about Aidan. And, I am proud of the young man he is turning into.

Now, we still have challenging mornings. He is a night owl, and I am an early bird. But every now and then he surprises me. Like the other week. I was passing off his travel mug of coffee for morning school carpool as he was running to the door. He stopped (with his socks and shoes still in his hands) hugged and kissed me and told me he loved me.

I have said over and over, but will say again. I believe in a higher power because of my 2 children. There is no other way they came to be a part of our family. For that I will be forever grateful.



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