Marcia Clark

I remember the original OJ Simpson trial of the mid 1990s. This was before computers, iPhones, and instant news. I remember the infamous Bronco “car chase.” Like most people, I was glued to the TV for this breaking news. After his arrest, my interest faded.

Now in 2016, we are watching the FX series The People Vs OJ. And in 2016, I am outraged at how Marcia Clark was treated as a female prosecutor. The fact that her appearance was ridiculed, and she felt that she needed to change the way she looked in order to be a better prosecutor makes me sick to my stomach. She was a smart attorney. Why did her outfits and curly hair have to distract from that?

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 7.31.02 PM

She was also a divorced mom, often having to choose between her family and her job. I cannot imagine having to choose between the job I love and the family that I love. Males do not have to do this. Why?

People often talk about trying to find a good balance with work and family, and I think in our family we have this. But we are lucky. My husband works 4 days a week and is only on call every few months. Plus he is present when he is not at work. Oh, and he supports my work even though I work super hard to bring home the “bacon bits” as he calls it.

When watching how things could be for working parents on TV, especially for women, I am extra grateful for the life I have carved out for myself as a woman. Now, do I wish I worked more/made more bacon bits? Yes. Am I always looking for ways to make that happen? Yes. But I also know that we will be fine with me working as much as I do. That my friends is true balance.

I hope that in my life time women are judged solely on their work. And that does not include their appearance. Sadly, I think this is a lofty goal.


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