The longest/scariest day ever

Today started like most Mondays. Got the kids off to school carpool (a little harder than normal thanks to DST) then off to my work out.

I cannot say that I was entirely surprised when Samantha’s advisor called me at 10:30am to say that Samantha’s neck pain was making her want to come home.

Need to back up. Samantha started complaining of neck pain Sunday afternoon. Rahul and I both chalked it up to sleeping in the guest room Sat night and being on new pillows. But the pain seemed to get worse, and meds and hot packs were not helping. My hope was that school would be a good distraction…. my little lady tends to over think things, so this is usually a good strategy.

Back to the call. Once I saw Samantha, I knew we had a problem that distractions could not help. I called our pediatrician but there were no appts available. This ended up being a good thing because they sent us to UNC Urgent Care (a place that has the capability to do XRays). After almost 3 hrs at Urgent Care, which Samantha said was not that urgent….and I agree… we had information that only scared the crap out of me. Samantha’s C1 and C2 vertebrae were “off set.” The Dr kept asking if she had been in an accident, sports injury, and we kept saying nope, nope, nope. Because of the XRay results, we were told to go to the ER for a CT Scan. Jesus, can this get any more scary?

I rushed home, only to put the dog on the deck (she had been in crate since I left for my am workout) and leave a key under the mat for Aidan. Then, we were off to the ER.

Once Samantha got a neck brace, she perked up. She asked me to take this picture… for our memories…. her words.


But then, as we waited and waited and waited for that damn CT scan the mood changed. I had not showered or eaten… and for those that know me well, I usually eat every 3 hrs and we were into dinnertime and I had not eaten since breakfast (plus that workout). Rahul came home from work, ate dinner and then came to the hospital to switch off with me.

Samantha texted me saying daddy was not being nice, but guess what folks? When he came onto the scene that CT scan happened. Sigh. But, whatever works. Results showed no abnormalities, so hopefully they will be home soon.

I have cleared my schedule of everything tomorrow. Along with that snazzy neck brace, Samantha will be coming home with some nice pain killers. She asked me if she would be like Fireball after his tail amputee surgery. He would get all glassy eyed, let Samantha swaddle him, etc. I am guessing yes.

Samantha did figure out the cause of her neck pain after given many, many hours in the ER to contemplate. She was playing on the swing in Nana’s memorial area on Sunday. It is only for looks, but she swung back in the seat to try and see Banjo behind the fence. The swing frame fell, hitting her on the shoulder. This was not memorable to me since all that I remember is hearing Samantha screaming that she stepped on a snake (while not wearing shoes). So I saw the frame tipped over, but my focus was on the snake issue. And she never complained of any pain.

Note: it is almost 1opm. A full 7 hrs after we checked into the ER with a referral from Urgent Care which meant we got to bypass triage. My girl and her amazing dad are still not home. Ugh. This day…. lets just hope we do not have any other reason to visit the ER again.





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  1. I know that must have been super-scary! I’m so glad the news is not worse.

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