bird watching and being mindful

My blue bird family has returned. Now, they visited from time to time during the winter, but they have been hanging out a lot this past week. Check out mama.


And check out their bird house. See those pine needles sticking out? That means a nest is in the making!


I have never been one to sit and relax. A waste of time, right? Heck, I don’t even read books. I listen to them while I do other things. My most recent read – Eleanor and Park (really good by the way, even though it is a YA book) was listened to while putting out 95 bales of pine straw in my front and back yard.

All to say, sitting and being mindful is hard. I learned last summer the importance of this activity after the unexpected death of my mother. Stopping what you are doing and just looking around you can be pretty powerful. So that is what I did this afternoon. Check out the budding trees of the woods of Wild Azalea Lane. And that blue sky (Tar Heel blue, of course).


Spring is my most favorite time of year!


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