I have been struggling with getting older. A good friend even asked me today why I have such a hang up about it. I think it is the idea that I cannot do all the things that I used to be able to do.

Need to back up. Around the age of 40, I started to need chiropractic care. I found a GREAT chiropractor, I heal quickly, but it still bugs me. Why?

The first thing I had to do was give up running, and that was HARD.


Running was a big part of my social life (no laughing). And it was sooo good for my brain. But I was also fortunate that I could add more strength training to my workout program, and interval sprints gave me quick bursts of that amazing running feeling.

Next, I had to limit my gardening. I remember going to the chiropractor last spring after some “extreme gardening.” I will admit that this spring I was a good patient. I switched from mulch to pine straw, limited my work to no more than one hour per day, utilizing the little people in my house to bend over repeatedly and crawl under bushes, etc.

Another lifestyle change – I no longer walk to the chicken coop on the stepping stones in regular shoes. One chiropractic visit was after slipping on one of these stones and hurting my back. The recommendation – wear boots and just step in the poop vs trying to avoid it and get hurt.

The final straw was this past weekend. The whole family ran the Duke Colorectal 5k that Rahul helped organize. We wanted to support Rahul and his work.Check out our 2 kiddos. They are getting so grown up….way too fast!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.21.56 PMI ran with Samantha, and she stayed with me until 2.75 miles. Then she ran off solo. I chased after her curly ponytail the rest of the race.

Post race my right big toe was hurting a lot.

Need to back up. This summer I noticed the joint had gotten bigger and I would hear popping sounds when I did lunges, etc. But no pain, so I just switched shoes. After the race, my joint was bluish and super swollen.

Ugh. Now I cannot even run a 5k without needing to see the chiropractor!

After my latest chiropractic appointment I now have snazzy shoe inserts, which are supposed to lift my arch and get my feet and toes back in proper alignment. They are called Super Feet. Love the name 🙂

So back to my original question… why is aging so hard for me?  I don’t like being told I cannot do something. Maybe I have undiagnosed ODD.

I am challenging myself to change my way of thinking about aging. What are things that I CAN do that I could not do before the age of 40?

I can dead lift more weight than Smooch, probably Smooch plus both cats.

I can do many, many push ups. The real kind.

I can do a pull up.

I have a love/hate relationship with the jump rope and the Prowler.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.05.55 PM

So, I am shifting my way of thinking and trying to not focus on what I cannot do, but instead the healthy strong person that I am. This person is also entering her mid 40s, and so asking for help is a part of this process.

Go middle aged me!



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2 responses to “aging

  1. Christina chambers

    Go you!!!
    Instead of thinking things you can’t do, think things you have outgrown and moved on …. 🙂

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